Branding with Audio

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Audio is all about branding, but actually it is usually not considered like it is. And this is why.
Did you ever consider hiring audio creatives instead of buying pre-made audio?
When you look for some audio for your project, you have two alternatives: you can buy a pre-made song, sound effects or find a speaker on the numerous websites – and this all comes very cheap – or you can decide to have somebody make them, from scratch.
When you buy something pre-made, you have the economic advantage – as it has not been made especially for you and it is available to everyone, it is very cheap: you don’t have the added value of having a creative pitching ideas, you just have to handle it yourself – another big potential issue is that more people could’ve chosen the same stuff that you chose.
When you decide to have a creative making audio for you, that’s a big change.
It’s surely going to be more expensive, but the audio creatives can actually help you to understand if the audio ideas you already have in mind are good (or if they need to be refined a bit) and then making something that just fits into the project.
But most importantly, having original audio can help to brand what you’re making. It can make your project stronger and perceived better – more quality, more refinements, more.
This is just like with arts, logos, videos, games – when you have a creative that is working with you, everything is original and custom made – and especially on audio: having an original music, a custom sound design, a researched and well acted voice overs, brands your project in a way that a non-custom made audio would have never been able to do.
93 Steps make original audio: while we make things we’re very good at, we help the projects’ brand-identity.
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