The first idea of 93 Steps was of a group of musicians able to make their own music, for other’s needs.

All happened in 2009 when Lorenzo and Marco were both studying music in Milan, when they decided to join forces and work together.
Why 93 Steps then? Well, all happened in Marco’s apartment in Milan, reachable only via 93 stairs (funny, isn’t it?)

In 2011 Francesco joined the group, and from then on 93 Steps’ executive team has been formed by the three of us: Marco Pivato, Business Development; Lorenzo Scagnolari, Audio Director and Composer; Francesco Libralon, Audio Director and Composer.

Based in northern Italy near Venice, 93 Steps is the perfect and friendly place to craft your desired sound – but why?

We’re passionate people that truly believe in our work: passion, professionalism, client liaison and friendship are our keywords, we believe we have found the right balance between work and pleasure.

We’re a full audio production studio: you don’t have to call different companies or professionals for each of your audio needs, we handle all of them as we make the connections between each audio experts and manage the ones involved in your project, and organise the production, freeing your time.
Efficiency and Efficacy are our top priority: we’re time and cost effective, and at the same time we maintain a solid and fresh creativity.

We now work with several and different markets, we continuosly face new and different challenges on the creative and production side: video-games, cartoons, trailers…all of these need a unique point of view to successfully deliver great audio. Therefore our team is flexible: we can handle different music and sound genres and we’re able to adapt ourselves to every kind of request, at the same time striving to go that extra mile to provide something more.

Hear us, we are 93 Steps.

Francesco Libralon

Francesco is a composer, producer, arranger and sound designer working in the multimedia industry for commercials, games and trailers.

Since 2011, Francesco is an associate and a key figure of 93 steps. Above composing and producing high-quality tracks in different kinds of genres, he menages deadlines, technical and artistic specs related to every project to meet each customer’s need.
He’s focused on the entire production process, from determining the melodic line of a single instrument to the very sound of a song, keeping an eye on the revenues and the outflows of each project.

Lorenzo Scagnolari

Lorenzo is a musician, composer and sound designer who developed his style into the Entertainment and Multimedia Industry, composing music for commercials, trailers and video-games worldwide.

Since co-founding 93 Steps in 2011, Lorenzo’s role has been in creative and artistic managing with a focus on helping and delivering to clients the right and proper audio for their products.
He’s able to create top-notch music compositions and sound effects in a wide array of styles and genres, as well as accompanying the client trough the meandered path of finding the appropriate audio for its project.

Marco Pivato

Marco has been involved in music since his childhood, being a musician, composer and sound designer.

Since co-founding 93 Steps in 2011, Marco produced audio and developed all the business side of the company, achieving great results and bringing 93 Steps to be known in the video-game industry in the last three years.

His role is now focused on business development, projects budgeting and client liaison, establishing relationships with clients and overseeing audio contracts with international companies in several different industries.

Our Production Process
this is how we work

Our process is quite similar to the making of a tailor-made dress: we start chatting with you about your needs and your target, then we continue making suggestions and together we decide which kind of audio could suit your project perfectly. Then begins the four stages of the production process, during which we send you the first sketch stage, listen to your feedback, re-send the modified audio and so on until completion.

Thanks to this tight and precise production process we achieve a great balance between efficiency and efficacy: we’ll schedule each delivery of the four stages according to your needs and timetable.

Sketch Stage

This is the very first stage of the whole production process: as a sketch, we can understand together if the path we chose is the right one.

Rough Stage

In this second stage, we’ve fixed what we didn’t like in the previous version. From now on the whole audio production builds up and becomes more recognizable.

Polish Stage

In this third stage, the whole production is settled up and is ready for its last adjustments and finalization.


This is the very final stage. All the production ended, and the audio is ready to be part of your project.