At 93 Steps we believe that the right balance of creative ideas, performance and sound design can give an immense boost to your project’s sonic experience.

To achieve this, we have assembled all your sound requirements into a single studio, offering an extensive range of in-house services 

Our Services


We produce Original and Exclusive Soundtracks for Video-Games, Commercials, Trailers, Feature Films and more.
From the first concept to its conclusion, we take care of all your creative, stylistic and technical needs and we turn them into a unique experience. 

We’re able to compose and produce a great variety of music genres, always selecting the right composer that will best suit your project.
Music composition works


We produce Original and Custom Sound Effects for any kind of multimedia product.
We combine field recording, professional libraries and synthesizer programming to create a unique, recognizable and flexible sound style.

We use the best techniques and softwares to design sounds that suit on games, trailers and movies.

Sounds Design works


We manage to select and record the right kind of voice for your project, different voices for different emotions: deep, soft, warm, thundering, cold, shrill and so on.
Let us help you to choose what you really need.

We support more than 30 languages from all around the world.

Voices Production works


We manage the post-production in its different forms: from the mix and mastering of a single song to the creation of the perfect balance between music, sound effects and voice overs for a single audio track.
Paying close attention to your target, we enhance your project and surpass your expectations.

We support 2.0 and 5.1 Surround audio post-production.

Audio Post works


We manage to select the right musicians and form our own ensembles for your project, we record your soundtracks.
We accurately follow the preparation, rehearsals and recording sessions to deliver the tracks on time and on budget.

We support classic and modern ensembles, going from symphonic orchestra to big bands and so on. 


We search the best audio genres that suit your projects to create a perfect match.
With this intense research the core of your project will be enhanced to become an auditory experience that fully fits itself and its audience.

We base our research on all music genres and across all types of audiovisual industries.