"The best thing about 93 Steps, I think, is they are taking everything SERIOUSLY. It's not just-a-job for them. It's not just money. Even is it at all? Doing sound these days is so competitive, so overloaded it takes something else to remain in business... Passion. So much so that you would not give up. So much so that you will carry on. Do and redo. Climb... These days 93 Steps can proudly suggest anything up to real orchestra recorded in a great studio. And even if you will be 'searching' and 'looking' with them - because finding right road not always comes immediately in any ART-form - you will have passionate people on the other side, wanting nothing less than do a best soundtrack they can do for you."

− Eugene Smozhevsky - Creative Manager, Wargaming.net

"Your work was amazing! There was not very much time, but you guys were able to achieve maximum quality. It's always a pleasure to work with true professionals. Thank you!"

− Pavel Stebakov - Sound Director, Gaijin Entertainment