"The best thing about 93 Steps, I think, is they are taking everything SERIOUSLY. It's not just-a-job for them. It's not just money. Even is it at all? Doing sound these days is so competitive, so overloaded it takes something else to remain in business... Passion. So much so that you would not give up. So much so that you will carry on. Do and redo. Climb... These days 93 Steps can proudly suggest anything up to real orchestra recorded in a great studio. And even if you will be 'searching' and 'looking' with them - because finding right road not always comes immediately in any ART-form - you will have passionate people on the other side, wanting nothing less than do a best soundtrack they can do for you."

− Eugene Smozhevsky - Creative Manager, Wargaming.net

"Your work was amazing! There was not very much time, but you guys were able to achieve maximum quality. It's always a pleasure to work with true professionals. Thank you!"

− Pavel Stebakov - Sound Director, Gaijin Entertainment

"Our first big IP at Exordium Games is a black-and-white, noir “horror” adventure game called Bear With Me. BWM is a heavily narrative driven game and relies mostly on atmosphere and VO narration spread across many interesting and unique characters.
Since each character required a specific voice, we at Exordium listened to a couple of show reels and decided to go with 93 steps and their roster of VO talents because of the immense diversity on display. It was clear the actors are very professional and talented in terms of voices and their range was exceptional.
93 steps served as a mediator between Exordium Games and the VO actors based in L.A. California. They provided talents based on our requirements, even going as far to acquire an actress for the character in need of a special (islander) accent.
They also provided live communication with the recording artist, notes online delivery, post - processing, VO mixing, VO mastering and added effects while also making sure the recording sessions flow goes as easy as possible.
The communication was done via e-mail and Skype (for the recordings) and even though recordings took place late at night because of the time difference, guys at 93 Steps kept their professionalism even in less-than-ideal conditions.
The 93 Steps team is highly professional, they work fast and have a clear understanding of every requirement to make our workflow here at Exordium Games smooth and without difficulties.
Since Bear With Me is our first big IP and with a limited budget, the guys at 93 Steps were always open for negotiations price wise, which is always a great plus for an indie company such as Exordium Games.
Since BWM is an episodic game, with only 2 episodes published so far, the third one is currently in the making we came to rely exclusively on the 93 Steps team and are looking forward to work with them on Ep 3 and any future projects Exordium Games has in store.
Thank you guys, keep being awesome."

− Hrvoje Maroš - Sound Designer and Creative Accountant, Exordium Games