Who we are, the 93Steps’ crew: Francesco Libralon

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It’s been a while since we started, almost 5 years ago.
I started as a composer, thinking that this would have been my job; but I was wrong, as quickly things changed and turned into the organisation we still have today.

Now I’m a composer and an Audio director too, meaning that every day is quite different one from another.

For example, some days I compose all the time or I manage Voice recordings; others I stay side by side with our sound designers to manage with them our sound production.

Anyway the most difficult thing is to maintain a sort of “equilibrium”.

As a Manager, the tasks are quite short, like making clients or collaborators calls, speaking and organise the work with sound designers or Voice actors and read and sent e-mails.With this kind of topics, it’s easy for me an “hour by hour” schedule organization.

But when I switch the Composer and Producer mode “ON”, I should stay focused for hours on the same topic.
Let’s say then that the biggest challenge is to put together this two different way of work!

At the end, in this acrobatic daily “routine”, the thing I always try to do is to put an artistic vision on our projects.
I don’t want them to sound empty and steril: I definetly think that quality is the main and key aspect, in any kind of service or product you do.

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