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Good Morning audio lovers, Lorenzo from 93 Steps here.

I’m glad to announce you that, starting out from this morning, our 93 Steps’ Blog will be weekly updated in relation with my own page “Daily Sonic Pills – Heartfelt Personal Vibes”, giving you the chance to listen at the music plylists that I’ll personally make week after week and to the big monthly ones.

I’ve started my Blog “Daily Sonic Pills” as a place to share my daily “sound feelings” with music lovers and audiophiles all around the world.

Each day is characterized with a specific role throughout the week and, along with that, the daily musical choices I’ll make will reflect not only my personal mood and feelings of that morning, but also the specific day “position” during the week.

It’s an original way to discover new music day after day and get updated on what it’s going to be on air around us.

So stop with the pleasantries, have a look at the first introduction post about “Daily Sonic Pills” and keep in touch here for ¬†our weekly playlist.

Daily Sonic Pills – Informations Leaftlet!

-Lorenzo, Composer /Audio Director

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