Our Passion, Your Sound

Marco Pivato

Business Development Manager

Marco has been involved in music since his childhood, being a musician, composer and sound designer.

Since co-founding 93 Steps in 2011, Marco produced audio and developed all the business side of the company, achieving great results and bringing 93 Steps to be known in the video-game industry in the last three years.

His role is now focused on business development, projects budgeting and client liaison, establishing relationships with clients and overseeing audio contracts with international companies in several different industries.

Marco is currently Business Manager at 93 Steps Audio Production Studio.


Francesco Libralon

Audio Director

Francesco is a composer, producer, arranger and sound designer working in the multimedia industry for commercials, games and trailers.

Since 2011, Francesco is an associate and a key figure of 93 steps. Above composing and producing high-quality tracks in different kinds of genres, he menages deadlines, technical and artistic specs related to every project to meet each customer’s need.
He’s focused on the entire production process, from determining the melodic line of a single instrument to the very sound of a song, keeping an eye on the revenues and the outflows of each project.

Francesco is currently Production Manager at 93 Steps Audio Production Studio.


Lorenzo Scagnolari

Audio Director

Lorenzo is a musician, composer and sound designer who developed his style into the Entertainment and Multimedia Industry, composing music for commercials, trailers and video-games worldwide.

Since co-founding 93 Steps in 2011, Lorenzo’s role has been in creative and artistic managing with a focus on helping and delivering to clients the right and proper audio for their products.
He’s able to create top-notch music compositions and sound effects in a wide array of styles and genres, as well as accompanying the client trough the meandered path of finding the appropriate audio for its project.

Lorenzo is currently Creative Manager at 93 Steps Audio Production Studio.