Trust me, I’m a composer: when originality meets commerciality

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commerciality vs originality

How important is commerciality and how much space can have the creativity when we compose a song?
An important question is how much this track has to follow the trend of the moment and when is the moment to break the rules.

Generally, when we start with a new musical project, we have a reference soundtrack, something that already exists and probably inspired by another famous melody.
But if we follow too much this track, maybe the outcome can be anonymous and not so original. Moreover, how we can give value to a brand if we use a song similar to another one? If our work is too much commercial, audio branding will not be so good, a bit banal and something already listened.

On the other hand, if we compose a track too much original, the outcome can result in something difficult to listen and to sell. This will be totally worthless for audio branding. It’s clear that the soundtrack for an advertisement must be totally different to the one created for gaming, but in both cases the right mix between commerciality and creativity supports the brand identity.

What’s the right strategy for a good sound? What’s the better recipe: does it need to be commercial, or is it better original and new? Well, there is not a certain and right answer for all situations. But all we can say is…trust the composer: he knows the secret recipe for the success, the right mix between pop and a fresh sound.

An example is Steven Spielberg/John Williams duo: the soundtracks created by the award-winning composer are specifically made like essential part of the film, in order to enhance every single scene. Williams’ music is always a commercial success, and at the same time it is never ordinary. The reason of this success is simple: Spielberg trusts in the composer, in his intuition, in his skills. Williams knows how to create the perfect music for every film of the visionary director.
This union is certainly not easy: the research for the right connection between the client and the composer, the commerciality and the creativity, is hard sometime. But if you trust in the composer, in his skills and feelings, the road towards success and uniqueness will be easier. Maybe your new sound will be a new trend ;-)

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