Who we are, the 93 Steps crew: Marco Pivato

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I’ve always dreamed to be a musician.
All started when I was a baby: my mum was furious with me when I started playing all her pots, breaking all of them! But then my dad bought me a Drum-set, and it all started getting wonderful.
I continued to be very passionate about Drums and Music (listening to classical music like Mozart, Ravel and Tchaikovsky since 5-6 years old) until University, when after a year of Marketing and Company Management course, I decided to focus on the Music life.
I moved to Milan to study with the best teachers in Italy, one of the best moments in my entire life!
When I understood than my life needed another shift, I met Lorenzo with whom I decided to start 93 Steps – firstly it was just an experience, something not serious.
(Why 93 Steps? Because when Lorenzo and I were choosing a name, it was in my apartment in Milan, 4th floor, no elevators, just 93 stairs).
Then when Francesco arrived, it all became serious.
I became the traveller, the guy that speaks with people, the one who tries to know them and let others believe in us, to finally have the chance to work together.
This has been the most difficult thing of my entire life, and it still is. But a good one!
Working for yourself, for your own company, with your friends, is something that cannot be described in words!
This life is a rollercoaster, but I’m riding on the passion I have since when I was just a few years old, something that just a few people can have the luxury to live with.
This passion and work altogether, this rollercoaster is 93 Steps!
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